We have collected the best specialists in their fields, a team of professionals, with highly-qualified workers making the base, the majority of whom have worked for many years in the oil and gas industry.
Neftegaz-Izoliatsiya has a goal-oriented personnel policy designed to create a highly-qualified and motivated professional staff and develop a corporate culture.

Our production teams are equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment. It is the professionalism of our staff that makes us industry leaders. The employees in our enterprise are continually advancing their professional skills and qualifications and much time is spent on studying and implementing new technologies.
As we need to work with enterprises with a strategic significance for the entire country, our company has tough standards for the professional preparation of its employees.

The management team and specialists in the Consortium have passed attestations (performance reviews) at the Central Attestation Commission of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Oversight (Federal Alpine and Industrial Oversight).

All of the company’s operating personnel are tested on their knowledge of the course: Occupational Safety, Fire Safety, and Electrical Safety. Advanced vocational training is held by specialization at state educational institutes for: insulation workers, sand blasters, diesel generator operators, compressor system operators, and insulation covering quality control personnel. All engineers, technicians, and workers have an electrical safety qualification level.


General DirectorYury G. Petrov

Assistant General Director
for Finances

Oksana G. Shapovalova

Chief EngineerPavel L. Bessarab