Монтаж оборудования при помощи вертолета

The core operations of ZAO Neftegaz-Izoliatsiya are the reconstruction and capital repairs of compressor and pumping stations and repair of the linear parts of oil and gas lines.


Construction, reconstruction, and capital repairs of the industrial pipelines of compressor stations.

Anticorrosion insulation of stop valves, shaped products and other elements on major pipelines using Frucs, Biurs, Permakor, Steelpaint, etc.

Fittings and anticorrosion insulation of linear parts of major pipelines; repair and construction of roads along route passageways;

Capital repairs of block valves at compressor stations.




Вскрытие и ремонт трубопроводов АВО газа ООО «Газпром трансгаз Самара» КС «Северное»




Ремонт трубопроводов АВО газа ООО «Газпром трансгаз Самара» КС «Северное»



The Neftegazizoliatsiya Consortium specializes in process automation and electricity supply in the oil and gas industry. Our specialists work on metrological support, installing and troubleshooting automated process control systems and the telemechanics of compressor and pumping stations. We also supply engineering equipment and automated process control systems when performing capital construction, capital repairs, and the repair and servicing of electrical systems and automation systems.


List of work conducted:


Installing and troubleshooting control systems, telemechanics, and data communication systems on the gas flow rates of gas distribution stations.

Installing and troubleshooting gas pollution control systems and emergency alarm systems.

Installing and troubleshooting systems for measuring and calculating gas flow on the basis of SuperFlo and HyperFlow microprocessor technologies and turbine meters.

Installing and troubleshooting automated process control systems for gas measuring stations.

Installing and troubleshooting automated process control systems for gas processor units, metrological support (calibration) of pressure sensors, differential pressure flow meters, temperature sensors, and gas pollution control systems for gas compressor units.

Installing and troubleshooting automated process control systems for compressor stations.

Installing and troubleshooting NGV-refueling compressor stations and automated process control systems of compressors.

Installing and troubleshooting monitoring gauges for ARP boilers, control systems for support facilities and linear part communications.



Развертывание изолировочного участка ООО «Лентрансгаз» КС «Волховская».



List of work conducted:


Diagnostics and monitoring the condition of electrical equipment:

  • Transformers and transformer substations.
  • Cable power lines.

Parts supply, installation, startup and setup work of various power supply systems.

Supply, installation, and adjustments of various switchboards and control panels, gas turbine power plants for personal needs, and emergency diesel power stations.

Capital repairs of pipe thermal insulation.

Parts supply, installation, startup and setup work of ventilation and air conditioning systems.



Изолировочная колонна



Готовое изделие с антикоррозионным покрытием «Фрусис».



 Preparatory Work


  • Clearing territory and preparing it for development
  • Demolition of buildings and structures
  • Building temporary roads, utility networks, and structures
  • Laying rail lines



  • Excavating and grading
  • Soil compacting and creating soil banks
  • Excavation in subsiding and heading soils
  • Excavation in special conditions (in swamps, on low load-bearing soils, salt soils, drifting sands, and on steep grades)


Installing concrete and reinforced concrete constructions


  • Formwork and reinforcement
  • Installing cast in place, concrete and reinforced concrete constructions, etc.

Assembling concrete and reinforced concrete constructions


  • Assembling foundations and walls for parts of buildings underground
  • Assembling construction elements of the aboveground parts of buildings
  • Assembling ventilation blocks, concrete box units for lift shafts and garbage disposal chutes, and three-dimensional utility blocks

Insulation work


  • Installing insulation from rolled materials onto asphalt, hot-mix asphalt, bituminous pearlite and bituminous clay
  • Installing insulation from polymer-rolled and sheet materials
  • Installing insulation from metal sheets
  • Installing thermal insulation using soft, hard, and semi-hard fibrous materials and installing insulation covering from hard materials
  • Installing thermal insulation from tiles and non-cohesive materials

Performing the functions of a general contractor


Пескоструйная обработка поверхности трубопровода.